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ITA@news #65 - juillet 2018




Dear ITA Friends
The World Tunnel Congress 2018 in Dubai was successful and all the beneficial consequences for the industry are all yet to come. For the first time this important event was held in the Middle East. The region presented a very significant increase in output in the last ITA market survey. I am sure the networking during the WTC will bring further positive consequences.
The organization of next ITA Tunnelling Awards is going well. The event will take place in Chuzhou-Nanjing, China, at the heart of the most important global tunneling market. The Awards event has been consolidated not only for celebrating success and proving that tunneling can be reliable, but also for attracting a different type of public. The presence of contractors has been significant, and this is good news. They represent a strong segment of our market and their number in the WTCs has not matched their importance yet.
Implementation of the new strategic plan is well underway. Attention is given at this stage not only to new actions but also to monitoring the positive impacts of previous and current ITA initiatives. We plan to see effective activities with funding agencies with respect to training in tunneling, more active Member Nations and closer relationship with the industry. By the way, I want to welcome Nick Chittenden as the new ITAtech Chair. 

Tarcisio Celestino
President of ITA 2016-2019




  PRESS RELEASE April 26th2018 For Immediate Release         Held in Dubai, from 21stto 26thApril by the Society of Engineers (SOE) and the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA), the World Tunnel Congress and 44th ITA General Assembly were a momentous occasion and an undoubted success for the global industry. Focused on “The Role of Underground Space for future cities”, the world tunnel congress shared a light on the sustainable...


Photos of WTC 2018 are available


You will find in the dedicated area of our web site (see hereafter) the photos taken during the different events that took place in coordianation with the WTC 2018 in Dubai, UAE.

This will be the opportunity for those who attended to to remember good times and for others to decide to participate in the WTC in 2019 in Naples.



68 entries for the Ita Tunnelling Awards 2018


The fourth edition of ITA Tunnelling Awards have collected 68 valid entries coming from all around the world.

The 2018 edition will take place on 7 November, in Chuzhou-Nanjing during the 20thChinese Tunnel and Underground works Conference (CTUC) from 5 to 6 Nov. followed by technical visits on Nov.8 in Nanjing, Chuzhou and Shanghai.

Programme and registration will be available on the ITA awards web site by end of July. 



Guidelines for good working practice in high pressure compressed air Version 2018


This document sets out guidance on good practice in high pressure compressed air work. Guidance is given in the form of recommendations and consequently has a lower standing than regulation or standards. The guidance given aims to be goal setting in nature rather than prescriptive. However, because of the lack of alternative sources of published information or standards on HPCA work, some of the recommendations given are fairly detailed. Often in hyperbaric work there are no absolute rights or...


Guidelines For The Provision of Refuge Chambers In Tunnels Under Construction


At its meeting in Helsinki in 2011, International Tunnelling Association Working Group 5, identified the need for guidance on the provision of refuge chambers in tunnels under construction. A refuge chamber is a place of relative safety in a shaft or tunnel where tunnellers can be accommodated with access to basic life support services until rescued or it is safe for them to exit the tunnel. Refuge chambers should be easily identifiable and readily accessible by tunnellers at risk and by the emergency...


Guideline For Good Practice Of Fibre Reinforced Precast Segment - Vol. 2 : Production Aspects


When producing Volume 1 of this guidance document the authors decided to initially focus on the design aspects of fibre reinforced concrete segmental tunnel linings, recognising that both segment design and production constitute equally important aspects for the success of tunnels lined with precast fibre reinforced concrete segments. Volume 2 therefore concentrates on the production of segments and the associated quality control. The advantages of using Fibre Reinforced Concrete...


ITACUS had a great time at the Think Deep UK summer event and engaged in inspiring conversations to launch new initiatives


ITACUS is thrilled to see our Think Deep National Actions Program taking off. Think Deep UK has seen a strong year with three thematic workshops on underground spaces which were presented at the event, moderated by Elizabeth Reynolds and Petr Salak.  ITACUS assembled several of its core members with co-founders Han Admiraal and Antonia Cornaro actively involved. ITACUS is further strengthening its core team: Abidemi Agwor agreed to lead the ITACUS National Action Program from now on, Per Tengborg...


An encouraging turnout at the Committee meeting in Dubai


The 23rd April saw the Committee host its annual meeting during the WTC in Dubai. As was the case last year, in addition to inviting official members, the invitation was also extended to the Committee’s numerous regional correspondents around the globe. These correspondents, whilst not official Committee members, have established strong relations with ITA-CET through collaboration on the organization of training events. The meeting provided a chance to look at the past year’s achievements,...


A busy schedule adhead!


The Committee faces a busy schedule over the next few months, preparing the programmes and choosing the lecturers for several training sessions which are in the pipeline and will be organized by the ITACET Foundation. “Long Tunnels at Great Depth” will be the topic of a training session to take place on June 20th-21st at the University of Savoie, Le Bourget du Lac, France. This event has been organized at the request TELT (the Lyon –Turin Euralpine Tunnel promoter), which...


Seminar on Technical Challenges of Extra-Long Tunnel Projects held in Hangzhou, China


The year 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up in China and the 60th anniversary of the establishment of CAST (China Association for Science and Technology). In this year, the 20th Annual Conference of CAST was held May 26-27 in Hangzhou, China. Hosted by CAST and the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, the annual meeting chose as its theme “Reform and Innovation”, and attracted more than 2,500 attendees, including such experts as academicians from Chinese...


Chinese Woman Excels in Global Tunnel-construction Industry


Yan Jinxiu, deputy general manager of China Railway Academy (CRA) and ITA Vice President is one of the few women experts in China's tunnelconstruction sector. Yan has worked in the industry for 33 years, during which she has not only realized her value as an executive, but she has also helped China's tunnel-construction technologies evolve into world-class technologies.   Early Years Yan in 1984 began working as a researcher at the China Railway Southwest Institute (CRSI), after...


ITA COSUF Newsletter 27, April 2018


The first ITA COSUF Newsletter of 2018 is now available !     In the continuity of the last years, 2018 is a very active year for ITA COSUF with two promising events on the agenda.   To promote the latest knowledge on current key issues and to facilitate technical discussions and debate amongst industry stakeholders, PIARC and its French National Committee have decided to organise their first “International Conference on Road Tunnel Operations and Safety”. This event...


UCA of SME Awards


The Underground Construction Association of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (UCA of SME) is pleased to announce the recipients of its top awards. The presentations will be made during the Awards Dinner on Tuesday, June 26, 2018, during the North American Tunneling Conference (NAT) in Washington, D.C.


CCES China and IEM Malaysia Joint Southeast Asia Symposium and Exhibitions on the Challenges and Strategic Solutions of High Profile Projects on Tunnels



54th ISOCARP Congress : "Cool Planning: Changing Climate and Our Urban Future"



PIARC International Conference on Road Tunnel Operations and Safety



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